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Orders and Inquiries

Orders and Inquiries

Orders and Inquiries

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Orders and Inquiries

Orders and Inquiries

 I use palette knives to thickly apply the paint onto canvas, creating a neutral but highly-textured underpainting (Impasto technique combined with the Grisaille method). Next I apply many thin glazes of color, and these glazes suspend the pigment within each layer, causing the viewer to “mix” the colors in the palette of his own perception. The result is exciting for me because it keeps an element of unpredictability, surprise, and viewer interaction. 


Artist Statement

Orders and Inquiries

Artist Statement

 When I paint I am attempting to deliver story, myth, and truth from the formless realms where the great mystery is found, into the world of form, where we can create our lives from the acquisition of this knowledge. I am inspired by animal medicine and anthropomorphism: the unique archetypal teachings and symbolism from our allies in nature. 

My work is intended to give the viewer a momentary break from rational thought in the hope that when we are more open to receiving wisdom and guidance from the animal kingdom, the more our lives can be filled with joy, grace, and wonder. The more we are reminded that each part of creation has a sacred purpose, the more alchemy we invite into our own lives. Thank you for visiting, and may you always experience plenty of life’s magic.



Café Corvus, 154 Mill St, Grass Valley CA

December 2019 - January 2020

Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Lucchesi Winery 128 Mill St, Grass Valley CA

January 2019

Nevada City Winery, 321 Spring St, Nevada City CA

December 2018 - January 2019

Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Center for the Arts, 314 W Main, Grass Valley

January 2018

Matteo's Public, 300 Commercial St, Nevada City CA

January - March 2018

Center for Art Fall Colors Open Studios Tour, Nevada City CA

September 2014

Kitkitdizzi, 219 Broad St, Nevada City CA

June 2014

Matteo's Public, 300 Commercial St, Nevada City CA

November 2013

Naked Lounge, 118 W 2nd St, Chico CA

October 2010

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